Fancy Hours

We recommend you just use Prime Time for all your hours when you start. This means you can book anything at any time you have hours set for.

However, many offices use special hours for special appointment types e.g. NP time when only NPs can be booked. Spinalogic has very powerful tools for doing this and this is covered in this advanced training videos.

For now, if you want to get fancy straight away, here’s how to handle a common scenario – group reports. To do this, set one block of time for the group report (10 or 15 min depending on your Book Interval settings). Divide this time by the max number in the group and enter this as the doctor time required for that appointment type. You will also need to set the Shift Component for the appointment type. Then set the rest of the report time as ‘Admin’. All patients in the report will then be at the same time.

e.g. You do an R1 with up to 6 people in the group report. Your book interval is 15 min. Make sure you have a R1 Shift Component (Hours – General Settings). In your hours, put one block of R1 time at the time you want to start the report. Now edit the R1 appointment type. Set the doctor time for to 15/6 = 2.5 min. Set the shift component to R1. Now Spinalogic will only allow the R1’s to be booked into R1 time and limit them to 6. Easy!